WordPress search engine optimization

Well, now that I just had my first non-spam comment, I have to start improving my search engine referencing, right ? 😉

I noticed that I had no description meta tag, and that google just used the beginning of the last post for a description. This is not right (and not sexy). The problem is the same for every single page (home, tags, categories, archives, single posts, etc.).
Wait, did I say ? Tags, categories and archives ? Search engines index all of these pages ? So every post must be indexed at least 3 times. Doesn’t looks good either, does it ?

I just installed a new plugin that promises to adress all of these problems : all-in-one-seo-pack. At once. Really cool. Optimizes titles, generates META tags automatically, avoids duplicate content, very configurable (but still easy to install: you don’t have to fine-tune everthing, just enter a title and a description. The default config is OK in most cases).

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