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atl2 bug on the eeepc: txs packet size do not coinsist with txd

On my eeePC 700 running ubuntu 8.10 (kernel 2.6.27-11-server), I experienced constant network disconnections with the LAN card, and found these messages in the logs :
[ 1355.131236] eth0: txs packet size do not coinsist with txd txd_:0x000005ea, txs_:0x20000754!
[ 1355.131244] txd read ptr: 0x166c
[ 1355.131249] txs-behind:0x000105ea
[ 1355.131254] txs-before:0x000105ea
[ 1365.041754] atl2: eth0 NIC Link is Up<100 Mbps Full Duplex>

I resolved the issue by installing a newer version of the atl2 module :

Get the lastest atl2 driver from:
Make sure you have the linux-header package corresponding to your kernel installed (package linux-headers-2.6.27-11-server in my case)

– Untar the driver source, compile with make
– Backup the atl2 module that shipped with your kernel (/lib/modules/2.6.27-11-server/kernel/ubuntu/atl2/atl2.ko in my case)
– Replace it with your new version
– sudo depmod
– reboot the computer or stop the network and reload the atl2 module

more info:

edit: seems to be unavailable… I still have the driver source, but don’t know if I can post it here… If you need it, just ask and I’ll send it by e-mail 🙂