Arkeia backup fails with “Drive is reserved”

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Drive locked or reserved
The backup fails with “Drive is locked”?
The backup fails with “Drive is reserved”?
Arkeia uses lock files to prevent other processes from accessing
and obtaining an Arkeia resource that is in use by a running process.
The drive defintion file also contains the PID of the Arkeia Backup
Process (arkbkp). When the PID is active, the drive is considered
locked or reserved.


The drive definition file in locked in the Arkeia Configuration

Message : drive list is locked
Message : drive master file is locked

Arkeia uses lock (.lck files), to prevent different process
from accessing the file at the same time.


The drive is reserved by an Arkeia process:

Message : Drive “drivename” is already reserved, try later ..

Arkeia processes reserves the drive in order to use it for I/O operations.
The PID of the process is added in the Drive Definition file. (ex: PID “432432”).


1) If the drive definition file is locked, then no other process can access this file.

To remove this lock, you must stop all running processes:

– Stop all backup and restore jobs
– Exit the Arkeia GUI
– Stop Arkeia using /opt/arkeia/bin/arkboot stop
– Kill all remaining processes
ps -ef |grep ark
kill -15 PID
– Now start Arkeia and the GUI

2) The drive is reserved by an Arkeia process:

Sometimes the drive is reserved while the process which reserved as terminated
or hung.
To correct the issue, you must remove the PID from the file.

– Check the drvxxxx.lst file for the PID
cd /opt/arkeia/server/dbase/f3drv
cat drvxxxxx/drvxxxxx.lst | grep PID
– Check the process list to see if the PID is still active.
Mormally it is arkbkp or arkrst.
ps -ef |grep ark
– kill the process if you know it is hung or not active.
– Now delete the PID line from the drvxxxxxx.lst file
– Restart Arkeia using:
/opt/arkeia/bin/arkboot stop
/opt/arkeia/bin/arkboot start


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